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Navigate Your Way Around The World With QR Code

Sure, this technology is nothing new since we have GPRS for this kind of thing as it is. But here’s where QR Codes can make a difference. Imagine if you have pre-planned everything right before you head on out? Imagine if you have the flexibility of logging into your computer and into Google Maps, stick a ‘pin’ (the google one) on any place (could be a mall, a museum or a park) you want within that map and then given all the information you can ever dream of within that page….and also a QR Code that will lead you to an incredibly detailed information about where you are and where you’re heading to?
With Mappin, you can literally stick a pin on the Google Map and find your way around. How it works? Type out the address that you want to find and you’ll be given a bunch of HTML codes that you can stick into your blog or website. On top of that, there will be a QR Code for that location, of which you’re going to snap a picture of with your mobile phone’s scanner.
When you’re where you intend to be, take out the map and you’ll be able to navigate your way around the local place easily.
We’re not sure how different Mappin is from QRMap because accordingly QR Map also a great deal of help for those who want to find a location. For instance, if you’re in Korea and trying to find a club or shopping mall, stick it into the Google Static Map and you’ll get a map to where you want to head to. Or imagine if you’ve just received a flyer or saw an advertisement with a QR Code on it, scan it with your mobile phone and you’ll be presented with a very detailed map to where it is.
For QRMap, copy and paste the address of the place you want to go to or stick the name of the place into the search box and click the envelope icon. Once you’ve clicked on the envelope icon, you’ll receive an email which will lead you to a QR Code. You can either print it out and scan it to your mobile phone or cut and paste it onto any document you want.
Talk about navigating your way around the world with QR Code…we’re pretty sure this is not the end of this technology.

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