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Natcher Elementary Puts Up QR Codes in Libraries


QR codes have been seen at school. They are great tools when it comes to education. Now, Natcher Elementary is eschewing paper for its book summaries. Instead, they are encouraging student to record summaries using their iPads. These recorded summaries are then distributed to all students.

How? By using QR codes.

The school’s library is taking all the recordings and is storing it on their Web site. Then they generate QR codes for each audio file, which are then placed at the back of the appropriate book.

When a student scans the QR code using an iPad provided by the library, they would be able to hear another student talk about the book.

The project is still ongoing. There are currently 300 books that sport the QR codes and there are still more than thousands left without QR codes. Therefore, there really is a long way to go!

QR Codes Are Familiar to the Students

Elementary students at Natcher have been introduced to QR codes through projects. Because of these, the student body is very familiar with QR codes, and this is the reason why they were able to come up with the novel idea.

So what are the QR codes doing for the library? Aside from making it easier to create book summaries, there is the added novelty of hearing a familiar voice read it to you. It is just like talking to a friend.

Additionally, the library staff says that because of the QR coded book summaries, more students are now borrowing more books. Tammy Younglove, a teacher at the school, reveals that they have students who record summaries for two to three books a week.

The library is also looking at the possibility of having the rest of the community pitched in. Who knows, maybe in the future police officers and doctors would volunteer their time to create a book summary for the kids!

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