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MyInfo911 Uses QR Codes to Deliver Top Notch Medical ID Cards


Here’s a shocking statistic: every year, more than 3.5 million kids under 14 years old are hurt and injured while participating in sports. This is the reason why MyInfo911 has decided to help these kids with their products.

The company also said that they will be using QR codes for their ID cards, keychains, stickers to help emergency personnel help injured kids get their medical histories.

The MyInfo tag would contain these QR codes, which, when scanned, would give doctors, nurses and other emergency and health professionals detailed information about the child’s medical history. This includes allergies, blood type, special conditions and medication among other information.

This is very important because parents and guardians are not always present in an emergency situation, while school officials often do not have all the information on all their students. The students themselves might not be able to alert emergency workers about their condition, specifically when they are unconscious. Having the child’s medical history on hand could save his or her life by making sure that the proper intervention and treatment are given.

While these medical ID tag products are geared towards emergency situations such as getting injured while participating in sports and other untoward accidents, the ID tags could be used by kids who have a recurring or lingering disease such as epilepsy or diabetes.

This is not the first time that QR codes have been used for health-related applications, from promoting healthy eating to improving health care.

And even for medical records, ScanMedQR.com, has been the first one to come out with a service that puts medical histories behind a QR code.

But what makes this service even more attractive is that it gives you the option to have your next of kin contacted automatically when the QR code is scanned. Scanning the QR code not only alerts parents and guardians of a possible emergency but also tells them where the incident occurred or which hospital or clinic the child was taken to.

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