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We caught wind that another company has started using QR Codes to promote their website, products and services and the name is www.mouser.com. The company has been doing a lot of ‘growing’ this year with an online warehouse service all set up. The company sells electronics and other wireless devices. According to their website, shipping capacity has increased by 64% after implementing the online warehouse system.

Anyway, someone spotted a QR Code on one of their advertisements. It’s fantastic that they are test-driving the QR Code technology in their ads but here’s our take on what you get when you scan the QR Code with your cell phone….there could have been more done to it.

QR Codes is supposed to make people WANT to access the mobile web page instantly (on the go) and also make people want to spread the word around. It’s supposed to be something fresh and fascinating for cell phone users…but this is not the case with the mobile web page set up by Mouser. Instead of exciting, it was too sane and professional. It’s just another version of their website.

Perhaps it’s got to do with the budget because in the current state of our economy, belts are still being tightened. Since QR Code marketing is a whole new ball game compared to other advertising and marketing methods, creating a fun mobile web page could involve a lot of money.

Movie makers of District 9 promoted the film using QR Codes and when accessed, it led to whole array of stuff to watch, listen to, download and play. This should be the way things are done for QR Code marketing and they had some money to toy with.

For companies, a quiz, poll or an interview with someone of significance in the industry would have sufficed. For instance, Mouser could have placed interesting videos that people from their industry would find interesting into the mobile webpage. The videos could be original (filmed, edited and posted by them) or they could go the cheaper way which is to extract existing videos from YouTube or Google Videos.

We’re sure people won’t mind it not being original if they’re from the industry. That’s merely a suggestion, of course, that accessing QR Code on the go should lead users to something extraordinary, not ordinary.

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