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Most Common QR Code Marketing Mistakes


QR code marketing can be very effective when successful. However, when done wrong, it can be very disastrous, too. QR code marketers who do not do their QR code marketing strategies correctly may end up just wasting time, effort and money.

So what are the mistakes that marketers should avoid?

1. Not providing an alternative.

When you use QR codes to promote your products or services, to run a promotion, or for any other purpose, you must consider giving consumers an alternative. Always remember that QR codes are an alternative to typing out a complete URL. Moreover, always keep in mind that there are still a lot of people whose phones are not equipped with a QR code reader app and are therefore not knowledgeable about what a QR code can do and how it can be used. So do your best not to leave this group of people out.

2. Making the act of scanning a QR code urgent.

Imagine putting your QR code in a TV ad. What does that mean? It means that within a few seconds, your customers are already expected to see the code and realize what it is, to whip out their phones from their pockets (or from their bedroom!), to open and run their QR code reader app, and to see where the code takes them. That should be the case considering that an average television ad runs for less than a minute.

That also holds true for QR codes put up in billboards along a very busy highway. Consumers would need to do the scanning in a flash before their vehicles runs past the code.

In effect, QR codes are rendered useless. Consumers would rather ignore the code than drop everything else and scan it in a hurry.

This is the reason why you should always put your QR codes in places where consumers will have time to scan them and contemplate what to do next. Make the act of scanning a code enjoyable and pleasant for them.

3. Not using a mobile-optimized page.

Always keep in mind that QR code reader apps are installed in smartphones and other mobile devices. As such, the codes should lead to a Web site or Web page that has been optimized for mobile viewing.

4. Not giving instructions and explanations.

Remember that there’s still a significant number of people who are clueless about QR codes. That is why you should include a step-by-step guide explaining what a code is and instructions on how they can scan it.

Moreover, always include a hint on where the QR code leads to. This way, consumers will know what to expect and they will be interested to scan it if they can be sure it will benefit them. Otherwise, they will dismiss the code as just another useless marketing ploy.

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