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More Tips on How to Do Your QR Code Direct Mail Marketing


Yesterday, we started discussing how to do your QR code direct mailing correctly, with simple steps such as creating a mobile site for your products and services and testing your QR codes on different platforms.

Here are three more tips!

1. Create a visually appealing mail, with great content.  It is not enough to just have a QR code and a mobile site, you would need to entice people to scan your QR code and visit your site.

To do this, you need to have a beautifully made mail, carefully laid out and complete with graphics.  

Your mail should also have great content:  tell them the benefits of buying your products, of buying from you.  It could be that you give the best quality at the lowest prices or perhaps you offer an easy payment scheme, or you promise the best customer and after-sales service.

2. Always include a call to action.  In this case, you should have two calls to action.  One is obviously telling them to scan the QR code, while another one is to provide an alternative to the QR code (call now, or visit our website).

3. Place your QR codes strategically.  You should make sure that when you put your QR code in the layout of your mail, it should be:

1. Easily noticed.  Your QR code should capture your recipient’s attention.  Since it is one of your calls to action, it should grab your readers’ eyeballs.

2. Not intrusive.  Place your QR code in a natural place that will not ruin the layout of your mail.  It should not stick out like a sore thumb, but instead looks like it was placed there with thought.

3. Scannable.  Check to see if people would be able to scan your QR code easily and successfully.  The QR code needs to be an inch or more all around, with sufficient white space around it. If you are going to use a letter sized envelope, make sure that the QR code is not creased when the mail is folded!

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