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Mobile On The Move – Android For Travelers


Having a mobile app on your phone or tablet when traveling can not only make life a little bit more convenient, it can literally save you from loads of trouble. Take it from someone who travels a fair bit…at least a couple of times a year and to far off places where people speak a language completely foreign to me.

If you travel quite a bit, then you are going to need to TripIt
It has won over the hearts of avid travelers from all over the world and some say that it is definite winner over more than 10,000 available Android apps in the Market. It is simple, precise and accurate to the T.

The basic version, which is more than apt, is absolutely free of charge. For those of you who want to up the ante, the cost of premium TripIt service is only $49 a year. Well worth it if you travel a lot. With the app, you get information like hotels, flights, cafes, restaurants, cruises, tourist attractions, public transportation, all that information delivered to your phone within a matter of minutes or seconds if the connection is really good.

If you so wish, you can share the information and your travel itinerary with your friends on Facebook too.

On The Fly, folks
The developer of this app is a company that belongs to Google. Does that statement do anything to you? I don’t know about you but it does give my impression of this app a little bit of a boost knowing that Google’s control over the internet (and the planet, some may even say) is unquestionable.

The app would seriously remind you of Google’s interface. Quick, simple, to the point, clean and devoid of drama. The uncomplicated process of finding the information you want from On The Fly has won the developers many praises and I reckon lots of developers should learn how to come up with flawless applications like this one.

What it does is deliver you a comprehensive list of flight based on how cheap they are. But nothing is perfect, of course, as smooth as the app is. If you find the flights you want using this app, you still have to manually get to the online sites to book the flights but I suspect they are probably working on the online purchase bit already, even as you are reading this.

Do YOU have your own review or suggestions on mobile apps for travelers? Please don’t be shy about sharing it with us and our readers here at the comments section. Hear from you soon.

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