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Mobile Marketing with QR Codes


If you are one of the few companies that are not dabbling into mobile marketing, you might want to reconsider as smartphones and tablets are now being used more than laptops.

According to a recent research, smartphones are being used to access local information, to search for information in general, and to access social networking sites. Tablets, on the other hand, are being used to read news and other entertainment sites, to search for information, and to watch Youtube videos and clips from other video sharing sites.

QR codes are one of the ways that you could enhance your mobile marketing. If you know how to use QR codes properly, you can be creative enough to draw scans from potential customers.

Some potential uses of QR codes for your mobile marketing:

1. Loyalty and rewards. You can use QR codes in lieu of those loyalty cards. This way, getting the points is easier and so is redeeming these points.

2. Discounts. You can let customers scan a QR code to get discounts for your products and services.

3. Exclusive information. You can use QR codes to hide some exclusive information for people who scan it. For example, you might want to give out recipes to people who buy your food product. You can create a video on how to cook each recipe and place the video behind a QR code.

If you have no idea how to properly use a QR code, we have a lot of articles on various tips and best practices.

If you are using QR codes to take people to a mobile site, then make sure that it is optimized for mobile viewing. You might want to get a site that uses responsive design. A good way to do this is to transport your site to WordPress and use a theme that is already responsive. This will ensure that no matter how big or small the mobile screen is, your website will display perfectly.

Remember that mobile marketing represents a whole new channel for your marketing. As such, your mobile marketing efforts should be a part of your overall marketing mix. This means that you should tie your mobile marketing with everything you do for your marketing.

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