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Mobile Marketing Makes It More Personal And Niche For Advertisers And Consumers


Because of the predictions made for the year 2009, financially, many companies have decided to opt for alternatives to their posh, high-priced advertising and marketing campaigns. Hence, the doom and gloom standing ahead of us in 2009 is pushing more marketers to the realm of mobile marketing – we can expect to see exponential growth in this industry this year, some say.

Despite the fact that experts in advertising has begun prophesizing the drop in SMS marketing because it’s deem ineffective in the face of more advanced mobile marketing methods like QR Codes, it’s believed that SMS is still in the drivers’ seat as far as mobile marketing is concerned. The same goes for Bluetooth marketing. Admittedly, receiving an SMS is far more personal than getting a broadcast via Bluetooth. What about using MMS mobile services? It’s effective, in our personal opinion, but it’s standing in a very lonesome spot because MMS is far less important compared to an SMS and there aren’t many people using MMS service as compared to SMS service. So, in a way, simplicity (and cost of sending) is giving SMS an advantage over the slightly more complex MMS service.

While we anticipate the growth of mobile coupon systems and mobile ticketing methods, we do not see Location Based Services (LBS) taking off any further than it is today this year. The economy tells us that we need to be both more cost-effective and also be more environmentally-friendly and mobile ticketing or coupon issuing via QR Codes is the way to go. Using QR Codes, travelers can use their mobile phones containing QR Codes for check-in in some countries now. Oh, not a lot of people have gotten the hang of it yet, but bet your bottom dollar on the fact that many more will in 2009.

As far as advertising, marketing and promotion is concerned, some experts believe that internet marketing will come to a slowdown while many will decide to use mobile marketing instead. A combination of both would be best. The biggest concern about this is that while we’ve probably mastered the art of internet security, we’re merely infants when talking about mobile security.

The way we see it, advertising is moving in the more ‘personal’ direction which gives room for a more targeted and niche marketing strategy. This is brilliant news for those who are keen on exploring the world QR Code marketing because in the mobile marketing industry, nothing is more personal, direct, interactive and cost-effective as QR Code advertising todate.

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