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Mobile Is Rising: How Can You Take Advantage of This Trend?


It is said that more people are more concerned about leaving their mobile phones at home than their wallets.

According to a recent Morgan Stanley study, 9 out of 10 Americans now have a mobile device that they can use at all times of the day, all days of the week.

As a small business, you should be taking advantage of this trend. How?

1. Have a mobile Web site for your business.

You simply cannot expect people to view your current Web site on their mobile devices. It may not be the best version that you want them to see. Having a mobile Web site is a great way to ensure that they get the information they want and that your site is displayed perfectly no matter what mobile device they are using.

A mobile Web site is basically a scaled down version of your current Web site, so that your customers can access it without problems!

2. QR codes.

No matter what type of marketing campaigns you have, you should consider adding QR codes with them. Not only do QR codes help you give your customers more content, but it allows you to simplify things in order to engage them. It also allows you to add another level of interactivity to otherwise boring marketing materials.

3. SMS messages.

Add a service where your customers could get SMS messages from you informing them about things that they are interested in. For example, information about new products, deals and coupons, as well as reminders for special events.

The premise is simple, if your customers are using, or relying on, mobile phones, should you be on them? Whether you create a mobile Web site or conduct a QR code campaign, you can always rely on mobile to give you that much needed sales. At the very least, it could help you give out information to your customers.

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