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Mobile Apps + QR Codes + Augmented Reality + Art


Sometimes various kinds of technology combine to make something more powerful, unique and one of a kind. For years now, artists, painters, sculptors have used QR codes with their artwork to make it interactive and to help communicate its message to its audience.

In Portugal, we have recently seen the perfect example of an artist who uses different technologies to make his art more interactive. In his latest project dubbed “Project Paperclip”, artist Nuno Serrao makes use of augmented reality, a mobile app and QR code to add an auditory element to his artworks. So it is not just a sight to behold, but a total art experience.

Visitors to the exhibit must download an augmented reality mobile app also called Project Paperclip. Each photograph on display has a QR code next to it. Users then scan these QR codes to activate the soundtrack for the photograph.

The music played is dependent on various factors, including the time of the day when the QR code was scanned, the noise in the room, the voice of the viewer, localization of the viewer and his or her movements.

QR codes and art have been together before. Instances include:

* QR codes taking visitors to the Artwalk in Napa Valley on an audio tour.

* In London, QR codes provided a new venue to sell artwork: the streets. Instead of artists sending their works to a gallery, these artworks are going to be displayed on the streets. Each one will have a QR code attached to it and these codes will provide information about the artwork such as origin, price, how it was created and all other facts given by the artist.

* Tony Taj also used QR codes with his paintings. The painter included QR codes to help tell the story about the characters of his paintings, or to tell people about the scenery. The QR codes on the paintings sometimes take the user to another artwork such as an animated video, a performance or a song. Tony Taj also made sure that people who scan his QR codes get something new each time by periodically changing where the QR codes resolve to.

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