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Mobile apps extend the capabilities of your smartphone or tablet. Smartphones are no longer just calling or sending text messages, they are now increasingly used for business and personal tasks. From helping you increase your efficiency to reminding you of things you need at home, mobile apps are more and more becoming a must-have.

Because of the smaller screens, lower resolutions and lower computing power on mobile devices, it is necessary for a business or app developer to make use of minimalist designs to optimize both the aesthetic aspects of an app and its functionality.

If you are looking to build a successful app, try looking at the layout, design and user interface of great apps. You would find that these apps optimize the graphic and textual elements of their apps. In short, they go for a minimalist concept in designing their apps.

Check these apps for some inspiration.

1. TeuxDeux

This is basically what comes to most people’s minds when you mention minimalist, colored text on white background, and virtually no graphics. TeuxDeux helps you create to-do lists on your mobile device. But you can also update your lists on your desktop computer.

2. Read It Later

If you want to do some reading even without Wi-Fi access or data connection, you can save your Web pages using this app and access them later on.

This is a great tool to maximize your time and you no longer have to wait for the web page to load. Instead, you can save them when you’re doing something else and fully give them your attention later.

The app may have a lot of elements, but it is very simple. No clutter and just the basics were included, giving you an easy way to navigate through the app and do your reading.

3. Facebook’s Offical App

Facebook stands out because it can help you use its various functionalities without getting you confused. Its grid layout is helpful in locating the services and features you use, while buttons make it easy for you to update your status, add photos and location.

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