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Microsoft Relents – Tag Reader For Iphone Users


Despite Microsoft initially snubbing their noses at the iPhone because it presents itself as a major threat to the bread and butter of the Microcoft Windows Mobile platform, the people behind Microsoft have decided that competition be damned. Apparently, there is far more money to be made from the competing iPhone technology than expected. Recently, Microsoft has released a free service called the Tag Reader which is a QR Code reader made for iPhones. With Tag Reader, the mobile phone user can scan interactive QR Code and get access to information about related products, services, location or download maps, music, videos, coupons, tickets, etc. With this QR Code reader, iPhone users no longer have to remember or type out long urls or profile page urls on their mobile phone browsers. The potential is vast!

For example, if an iPhone mobile phone user uses the Tag Reader iPhone QR Code reader to snap a picture of a QR Code found on a product, they can get access to detailed information including materials used, date it was created, whom created it, the operating manual and even useful features, guides and reviews located within the web page.

Many companies have started using QR Codes to promote themselves and there is a growing number of people who are switching from the conventional mobile phone to iPhones or QR Code enabled phones. Therefore, we don’t exactly blame Microsoft for seeing the potential in it either.

The Tag Reader is not Microsoft’s first introduction to iPhone application….Seadragon Mobile is. The Seadragon Mobile from Microsoft is actually a photo zooming and browsing technology and Tag Reader is their second initiation. It came as a little bit of surprise to enthusiasts because, in the business sense, iPhone is in direct competition with Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system.

With Microsoft now seeing the potential in QR Codes, we’re wondering the angle from which the company is going to cross the threshold where iPhone’s Apple application was prominent before.

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