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Microsoft and QR Codes



For a while there, Microsoft has been heavily promoting its Microsoft Tags, which is essentially a bar code that people can scan to get access to information behind it, very similar to a QR code.  It could be a website URL, a video or simple text.  

However, the adoption has been very limited.  While these Tags look good because of its color and design, as well as the ability to customize it, one would need a special reader to scan it.

QR codes, on the other hand, are more universal.  And because more and more well-known brands have taken up QR codes for their marketing, educating more people in the process, QR codes trumped the software giant’s Tags.  What’s more, more and more people are recognizing and scanning QR codes!

So it is really no surprise that Microsoft opted to use QR codes in one of its major properties: Bing.  Starting last March, local businesses could go to Bing Business Portal to claim, manage and enhance their business listing, in place of the now defunct Bing Local Business Center.

Bing as a QR Code Generator

One of the many improvements is that Bing now allows its users to create a mobile page for their businesses.  What’s more, business owners can now use Bing as a QR code generator for these mobile sites.

All you have to do is to download the QR code, stick it on posters, flyers and tell people to scan it and they will be taken to your Bing Business Portal listing.

QR Code Reader on Bing Apps

Microsoft has also included a QR code reader on its Bing Apps.  Yes, you can now use the Bing apps not just for search but also to scan your QR codes.  The QR code reader feature, along with its superior text recognition capability helped make the app a darling to iPhone users.

This just goes to prove that one should never discount QR codes.  Already, online giants such as Google and Microsoft are using the technology to help enhance their products and services.   Shouldn’t you be on THAT bandwagon?


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  1. Tri Nguyen September 21, 2011, 9:53 am

    I created a QR code last Saturday via Bing,for the 1st time. I need to know how to log back in to include deals. Please advise.

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