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Michigan Bars and Restaurants Feature QR Codes on Coasters to Help Prevent Drunk Driving

drunk driving qr codes

Bars and restaurants in the state of Michigan are now using quick response codes to help stop the problem of drunken driving.

Hundreds of establishments that serve alcoholic drinks are now featuring special QR codes on their coasters. These codes, when scanned using a smartphone, will take customers to a list of local cab service companies and their contact numbers. This will provide drunk or intoxicated motorists with an easy and one-click way to get home safely and avoid any possible accidents or fatalities on the road.

The coasters were distributed by the state’s Office of Highway Safety Planning, and with the help of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association, to more than 500 member-establishments in areas where a taxi service is readily available. These QR coded coasters will be used at the same time that law enforcement agencies in some 26 counties are stepping up their anti-drunk driving campaign through April 2.

Michigan officials say that they are hoping this new approach will appeal to the younger and more tech-savvy population, especially since men within the 21-34 age range represent a significant percentage of people involved in fatal accidents related to drunken driving or in DUI (driving under the influence) arrests.

Specifically, in 2010, male drivers made up 80% of those who were involved in fatal alcohol-related accidents. Of those male drivers, about 40% were men aged 21 to 34 years old. Additionally, according to statistics, men are arrested for DUI at a rate of almost three to every one female in Michigan.

Michigan, however, is not the first state to use QR codes to address of the issue of drunken driving. We have previously reported about the Texas Department of Transportation putting up posters with QR codes. These codes take scanners to the Texas DOT site, which presents them with alternative transportation options, like a cab service.

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