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Measuring Your Mobile Apps Efforts: Two Tough Questions to Ask


Traditionally, small business owners and marketers often look at the bottom line to gauge their success. But in a world where intense competition could come from all around the world and customers are taking over the discussions about your products, company or brand, we all have learned that it is more important to have loyal and engaged customers than a one-off sale. Repeat business is what helps businesses survive nowadays and for that, you need to engage your customers for them to become loyal to you. The good thing is that we now have tools that help us in this area. Progressive marketers and business owners have come to appreciate the power of social media to engage their buyers. And if that is not enough, there is also the mobile app.

Admittedly, however, engagement using mobile apps is more difficult than participating on conversations on your Facebook page or Twitter accounts. But more than just deciding to create and release a mobile app, what other question should you ask? Here are two:

1. What is an engaged mobile app user? Mobile user acquisition service provider Fiksu has said that if a mobile user opens an app three times or more, then you have engaged him or her enough. After using an app thrice, mobile users usually show loyalty towards that app.

Having engaged and loyal mobile app users is important because this is the number of people who would use your app regularly, and they are the one who would see your in-app advertising and would buy the products you offer within the app (in-app purchases).

2. How do you know if your efforts with your mobile app is worth it?

Fiksu says that you should look at how much you’re spending per loyal user. Take a look at how much it cost to develop, create, market an app. All the expenses you made to bring that app to the end user, and then divide it by the number of loyal users you have. This index is a good way to know just how much it costs to get a single loyal user.

You should also determine how competitive your app is compared to other apps within your industry and the whole app market in general.

Knowing these factors can help you determine whether or not you have made a sound investment with your mobile apps. It is no longer just the number of people who downloaded! You can have more than a thousand installations, but it would amount to nothing if none of those 1,000 people opened your app more than once.

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