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Measure Your QR Code Success


For most businesses, they have heard about what QR code could do and how it would benefit their businesses.

It’s a good way to disseminate information about their companies or products.  It’s a good way to interact with customers.  It’s one technique to gain more followers to their social media accounts. 

QR codes stretch their marketing dollars.  Now they are not confined by the size of their posters or brochures, or even the airtime they buy on TV.  QR codes represent a way to give customers unlimited access to information!

But your work as a business owner or marketer does not stop there.  Remember that a QR code marketing campaign is a marketing campaign.  You should measure how successful it is.  Why?

Here are the top three reasons:

1. It would give you an insight as to who your customers are and how they behave.

By measuring and tracking your QR codes, you could get an idea who is scanning it, what time they are scanning it and what they did after scanning it.  You would know if most scanners do it at your store during the afternoons.  You would know what day they scanned your QR codes, and if they acted on it.  For instance, after scanning your code, did they Like you on Facebook immediately afterwards.

2. It would give you more information for future marketing decisions.

Which among your marketing materials worked best?  Did you get more scans from your brochures or posters?  Do you distribute flyers in the morning or at noon?

These questions are easily answered once you have tracked your QR codes.  With more data in your hands, the better your decisions would be.

3. It would give you an idea of what to do next.

Marketing campaigns should be examined and fine tuned.  This is the only way to further succeed with your marketing efforts.  Once you track your QR codes, you could fine tune your current campaign by what you have learned.

Would it be better to offer some benefit?  Does a 10% discount work for you or do you need to increase it to 20%?  What content are your customers accessing?

QR code marketing campaigns should be well planned, meticulously implemented and tracked.  Just like any marketing campaign you have.  This would enable you to make sure that you are doing it right, and can help you replicate in the future the things that are giving you more ROI. 

Tracking your QR codes could also help you appreciate its benefits better. Because if you could see that your QR codes are bringing more people in the store, the firmer your belief in it would be.  And the only way to know for sure that your QR code does this is by tracking it!


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