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McDonalds To Provide Nutritional Value of Food Served With QR Code On Packaging


As the world becomes smaller and more mobile, consumers are becoming smarter about the way they buy things. Back then, with their restricted view and limited information about what is available out there in the market, they were subjected to advertisements they just simply had to trust. It is a one hundred and eighty degree change now – marketers and brands are no longer kings….consumers are king now.

Recognizing the need to be more interactive and reel in health conscious consumers, McDonalds have decided to go with technology, albeit to launch a QR Code campaign that helps consumers understand the nutritional value of McDonalds’ fast food.

Compared to twenty years ago, consumers were not as health conscious. In fact, two decades ago, McDonalds was considered a luxury, the kind of luxury that you get only on special occasions. But today, you can find McDonalds at almost every corner of the world. Chances are, all of us in developed and developing countries can find a McDonalds outlet within a five mile radius. The good thing about this is that you will never go hungry; the bad thing is it is no longer a ‘luxury’ food and we now know that fast food isn’t always the healthiest way to go. This is not to say that McDonalds is bad for health but, let’s just say that cooking at home and vegetarian food has been receiving quite a bit of spotlight of late.

The markers and brand management team for the large fast food chain must have noticed the sudden change of trend because they have decided to place QR Codes on their packaging in the US.

The QR Code will lead consumers to a specific website whereby they are given the nutritional information regarding what they are about to eat. The QR Code can be scanned using a free QR Code reader app for both iOS and Android platforms. All you need is a smartphone with a camera and the reader to access the website. Chief of branding for the company said that they are responding to a growing demand for such information, noting that QR Code is also receiving much attention from consumers and marketers alike.

The campaign’s focus is currently just the US but it was reported that there are plans for the said campaign to go global later this year (2013). In fact, the global marketing team is currently busy translating information into eighteen different languages to cater to the global audience and consumers.

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