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May The Best Pinner Win


When Pinterest first entered the market, some of you must have thought about it as a fun way of sharing photos with friends, a lot like Instagram. In a lot of ways, it is and will continue to be for many mobile and tab users out there. What is Pinterest without the jokes, memes, inspiring pictures, random updates from Pins that your friends just pinned up on their boards, right? While Instagram is also powerful in its own way, the difference with Pinterest is this…the potential for something to go absolutely viral…VERY QUICKLY.

And when you hear the word viral, you hear the word…no, not Facebook…the word is ‘marketing’.

Because Pinterest makes it easy for your friends to find and follow you and sharing is a mere click of the mouse or tap of your finger, businesses are finding it extremely attractive as a marketing tool, especially companies that deal with products.

First, if you have a brand new product you want to sell, get in touch with a professional photographer and snap loads of wonderful pictures of it. Touch it up if you so wish, place your website URL, brand name and credit on the picture and then hit ‘pin’. It doesn’t matter if you have one friend or twelve thousand followers, the fact is that ANYONE can see and share the pictures easily. The owner or original Pinner for the photo is always credited with a link back to your Pinterest page where you can further follow up the strategy with a link back to your website, description of what you do and what you are selling.

For those who do not yet see the potential, let’s use the example of a bakery or a someone who sells cookies for a living. Assuming she came up with a really awesome cake design for one of her customers, she can literally use Pinterest to promote her services by tagging the pictures with the right tags and in the right categories too.

Pinterest spent the best part of 2012 growing and growing and still, it continues to grow exponentially every single day. The creators also spent much of last year trying to cope with the growth after the BETA and invite-only mode was turned off, so, this year, we heard that in 2013, they are going to improve the looks of the site instead. The company posted a teaser for its users and asked for users to try it and provide feedback. If we got lucky, maybe Pinterest might also work on making photos even more easily searched and found.

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