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Maury County Fair Rejuvenates Itself with QR Codes


In Tennessee, Maury County Fair is relying on QR codes to help drum up interest in the event.

The county fair has been around for more than six decades, and the organizers are out to make their exhibits a bit more interesting. Last year, they successfully put up livestock shows and musical exhibits to introduce today’s youth to what their parents have grown up to.

This year, they are using QR codes to conduct a countywide scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt will stretch over several days and will take participants to various parts of the county. They will need to find the QR codes posted at different locations, including local businesses, historic sites and other places of interest. Overall, there are close to 90 QR codes that they need to find.

For their efforts, participants stand to win great prizes from the QR code scavenger hunt, including big screen TVs, tickets to games, gas cards and other similar items.

Admittedly, this is probably one of the most extensive uses of QR codes that we have seen. With QR codes at more than 90 locations, the Maury County Fair scavenger hunt would eclipse similar scavenger hunts.

We have seen scavenger hunts that use QR codes in Delafield’s Block Party, where dozens of QR codes were posted for participants to find.

BCNTouch also did a QR code scavenger hunt during the Mobile World Congress in 2012. Participants scanned the QR codes to win one of the 200 bottles of wine that BCNTouch was giving away at the event.

The Maury County QR code scavenger hunt could probably rival the one in Salzkammergut in Austria, where you could win a free holiday, mobile phones or an electric bicycle. The hunt was open for a month.

Conducting a scavenger hunt using QR codes is really nothing new. In fact, we have suggested this in 2011. Read more about how a QR code scavenger hunt can help you here.

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