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Massachusetts Library Sends Alien Kids On Solar System Exploration


Some time back, Jarrod Robinson used QR Codes on his students and we loved it! We love it when people start finding new ways to introduce and use the QR Code technology but when a teacher uses it (old school using new school methods), we become hyper. :-)

And now, another authority within our country is using QR Codes to help students learn. This time, it’s The Dover Town Library. It’s the seventh most extensive library in the country and needless to say, it’s got the most population category in Massachusetts. They’ve been compared to more than nine-thousand libraries across the country so, they’ve got the resources to explore new ways to get kids involved in activities.

At this time of the year, it’s common for schools, libraries and educational centers to start organizing activities to get the kids involved. It’s the summer months and you don’t get a lot of it in MA, so, they’ve got to make full use of all the sunlight and warm weather. So, Dover Town’s library is organizing one for the kids this summer and we’ll give them points for being creative. During this activity, the kids are to participate in something called the Starship Adventure whereby they walk about all around town and of course, inside the library, discovering our solar system.

Kids just get these things and the people who organized this knows that!

Kids can walk up to the counter at the adult or children’s section to pick up the map. With the map, hunt down the whole solar system on foot, armed with your QR Code enabled cell phone, of course. Once the kids get curious about the whole QR Code system works, they can create their own QR Code at the counter and test them out too! It’s a fabulous way to introduce kids to the technology and help them understand the possibilities.

And get this….they can create their own creative codes (albeit, ALIEN MESSAGES) armed with game sheets, complete with instructions! You’ve got to love it!

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