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Martell Noblige Cognac Shows Marketers How It Is Done


Talk about marketing and you will get differing opinions on what works and what is effective. We have seen a lot of success stories as far as marketing is concerned, and this one is no exception.

Martell Noblige Cognac brought together different types of marketing to come up with its latest campaign.

The theme for the campaign is elegance and the company is using traditional marketing with mobile and QR codes to make it work.

Working with TBWA Shanghai, the company commissioned famed photographer Justin Liu to six different cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen to photograph successful and rich Chinese personalities.

These photographs were then exhibited in the country’s airports in Beijing and Shanghai.

But what makes Cognac’s campaigns different is its interactive component: they put up QR codes with the photographs and allowed people to add them on WeChat along with other content.

The QR codes simply took people to a special brand page that features the company’ WeChat account, as well as profiles of the men featured in the campaign. To encourage people to scan, the company threw in the chance to win a free plane ticket. For those people who do not have the chance to be at the airport, they can also send a voice command on WeChat to join.

WeChat is the biggest mobile social app in China, and the company hoped that the campaign would get them a lot of followers. But remaining true to their brand, they also placed the photo exhibit inside airports not just because of the crowds, but also because these can attract Chinese shopper who can drop by the duty free stores in these airport. Meanwhile, QR codes bridged the online and offline components of the campaign, making it easy for customers to view the photographs and then go online with just a scan.

The result? The promotions had thousands joining in for the free ticket and the company was able to add hundreds of new fans. Not bad, considering that these are engaged customers who are more valuable to a company.

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