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Marine Drive Mobile Integrates QR Codes to Core Technology


Technology company Marine Drive Mobile Corp. has fully integrated quick response codes to its core technology for merchants. This means that QR codes will now be an integral part of customers’ discount deal purchasing experience.

For those not familiar, Marine Drive is a tech company based in San Francisco, CA that aims to bring innovation and transformation to the online coupon industry, providing businesses with a free online advertising platform to help them easily create and promote their daily deals.

The company’s flagship product, eTeeoff, is the first to benefit from this technology integration. With this QR code integration, the company now gives customers shopping for deals a paperless option for redeeming merchant coupons.

Marine Drive CEO Colin MacDonald said that they included the paperless coupons redemption option with their eTeeoff software, allowing merchants or retailers to simultaneously create QR codes for every deal they come up with. The company gives merchants the ability to easily access this marketing tool.

With this, customers can easily redeem coupons or deals just by scanning a QR code — called the eTeeoff deal site software QR code — using their smartphone. They are also provided with immediate links to mobile web pages relevant and specific to the deals they have purchased.

One of the best features of this newly integrated QR code solution is that it allows the automatic generation of QR codes for every deal purchased. It also comes with an electronic verification process that makes it easy to authenticate deal coupons.

What’s more, the solution allows for the easy online tracking of scanned QR codes. Merchants are therefore able to instantly check just how many coupons have already been redeemed.

And aside from the elimination of manual deal redemption, the new QR code solution also eliminates the need for customers to print out coupons. All they need to do is log in to their “deal wallet” through their smartphones or the web, then show the QR code to the merchant to redeem it.

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