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Marin County Uses QR Codes to Save Lives


Over in Marin County, California, QR codes are more than just a way to market your products to an increasingly tech-savvy audience, they are also saving lives.

A new company in Silicon Valley, Lifesquare, is collaborating with two of the emergency response agencies in the county to conduct a pilot testing of their QR codes. Basically, Lifesquare would provide a service that allows Marin County residents to enter their personal information and medications they are taking into their database using their website. They can then print the QR codes given to them onto stickers and place them somewhere where the emergency teams could scan them with an iPhone. This will allow them to access a link where they can view all the information the patient has entered into the site, which could prove useful in emergency situations. Lifesquare has given the county around 50 iPhone units for use in the trial.

This is not the first time that QR codes are being used for possible emergency response situations. Indeed, it is a good way to store your data and bring it with you wherever you are and still keep it safe and secure from prying eyes. However, Lifesquare’s efforts are the first time that we have seen it localized and in a bigger scale. The company’s director of public outreach, Ryan Chamberlain, admits that it has not been easy to get people to provide their information because of privacy concerns.

However, the benefits are endless, though. As Marin county Fire Department EMS Battalion Chief Mike Giannini points out, it is a time saving piece and could do so much for healthcare. It could also give people peace of mind.

Lifesquare’s stickers may be picked up at any CVS pharmacy in the area. This makes it easier for residents to have the stickers in as many places they want. Inside their wallets, in their homes, on their bikes, inside their cars, and other places where they spend a lot of time in.

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