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Making QR Codes Sexy


You know how they always go on and on about how sex sells fastest? It’s true and apparently, some really creative people are beginning to discard the myth that QR Codes is for geeks and techno freaks and went ahead of make it sexy!

There is a brand new website in the World Wide Web that is already promoting QR Codes using sexiness as a vehicle.

Although the picture may suggest nudity, apparently, the website claims that there is none. The only way to find out is to go ahead and scan the QR Code and see for yourself and tell us what you find (although we already know what is in there).

We know that many people snub their noses at QR Codes because they think of it as too geeky, too urban, too modern. When we strive to promote the use of QR Codes in a more creative manner, many more people will begin to see QR Code differently. It has been suggested that the proliferation of the QR Code technology will soon see a new high.

If you are dying to find out what is hiding behind the QR Code and don’t know what QR Codes are, here’s a clue. Basically, QR Codes are physical links…much like the ones we find in websites. One click takes you to a new web page. While the conventional barcode system can only be accessed with a special barcode scanner, QR Code can be used by anyone who owns a smart phone or an android mobile. You will, however, need a QR Code reader. Once you have the QR Code reader installed, load it up and scan the QR Code.

QR Code is a big thing in Japan, some countries in Asia and Europe. The pick-up pace in America is, unfortunately, on the slow side. But this will not be case for very long, we predict. With the rising number of people who change their conventional cell phones for android or smart phone, there is bound to be a higher percentage of usage too.

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