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Making It Easier to Succeed with QR Code Marketing


QR codes should come with a disclaimer.

It would seem that a lot of marketers and business owners think all they have to do is to put a QR code on their marketing materials, storefront and any surface and people would just magically scan it and buy more products from them.

The sad truth is that it does not work that way.

In fact, successfully using QR codes takes a lot of work and it often entails careful planning on your part. Two of the most important things to remember are:

1. Content
2. Make it easy

Let us explain.


You should put something behind the QR code that would make it worth your customers’ while to scan your QR codes. It should be entertaining, informative or educational. Selling your products should take a backseat.

Be sure to make your content stand out. There are a lot of ways to supercharge the content you put behind a QR code. For example, a retailer that sells clothes could use a mobile Web site that would display a catalog of their products. But a better content would be to allow your users to scan your QR codes so that they could easily download and install a mobile app to their smartphones. The mobile app could allow them to virtually try out your clothes, and then allow them to place an order from their mobiles.

Make it easy

QR codes are all about convenience and comfort. Remember that. You should make everything easy for your customers when you use a QR code.

a. Easy placement. Your QR codes should be easily scannable. You do not need your customers to crouch or strain their arms trying to scan a QR code. It should also be easily seen, unless you are conducting a scavenger hunt of course!

b. Easy instructions. You should tell your customers what a QR code is and include instructions on how to get a QR code scanner as well as how to scan your QR codes. Do not take it for granted that everyone will know what a QR code is, what it looks like and how to scan it.

c. Easy afterwards. Once your customers have scanned your QR codes, they should find it easy to access your content and everything after that. For example, if you put a discount offer behind your QR code, the mechanics on how to redeem that discount should be simple.

So you see it is very easy to get QR code marketing right. This is why we are baffled why a lot of businesses are getting it wrong. Just remember these two basic tenets of QR code marketing and you are well on your way to success.

If you need a QR code, do try out our QR code generator. It gives you the chance to customize and prettify your QR code without too much of a hassle. You can get a QR code that reflects your brand’s characteristics, colors and even include a logo into your QR code.

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