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Making Every Cent Count With Iphone And 2D Barcodes

Imagine that you are walking into a furniture shop and you’re interested in purchasing a piece of furniture for your patio. You’d want to know how much others are selling the same thing for, wouldn’t you? This is particularly important now that the economy is in such a somber mood. Paying the right price for the right thing ranks as high as breathing clean air right now.
Anyway, if you own an iPhone, you can download the Snappr program into your mobile phone and scan the 2D barcode with it. What happens when you snap a picture of it is this…the 2D barcode will bring you to a site where you can compare the price of the furniture that your heart is aching to buy with others available either online or in other stores!
2D barcodes and 1D barcodes is a common thing that you find on just about any product these days, lest we’re talking about vegetables. Although the camera lens that comes with your iPhone is pretty much good enough, it seems as though that this feature works best when you’re using a Clarifi lens. And you don’t even have to remove the camera lens on your iPhone! The new Clarifi iPhone lens works this way – you can easily slide it over your current iPhone lens so that close up shots is clearer which means higher resolution.
Scanning 2D barcodes is such…you need accuracy, detail and a finer quality picture.
So, with this, you can be sure that you’re paying the best price for the things that you want. You can walk into a bookstore, snap a picture of the 2D barcode and see if you can find the same book for a cheaper pricing in the store elsewhere. If you see a printer that you want to buy, scan the 2D barcode and find the best deal you can get.
That’s the power of the iPhone technology combined with 2D barcode technology. It’s not only about making life easier, it’s also about making every cent counts.

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