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Making Corporate Giveaways Work Harder


The holiday season is an opportune time to thank long-time clients and loyal customers for giving you business the whole year round. As what most companies have been doing, you might be thinking of handing out corporate giveaways like umbrellas, mouse pads, mugs, notepads, and other nifty practical stuff that would put you and your business within their attention.

Coming up with a useful corporate giveaway year after year is both a challenge and a headache. You would need something that they can use, but at the same time would them of you. Out of many competitive businesses, it will not be far fetched for a client to receive two sets of notepads, countless pens and various mugs from various suppliers.

This is where QR codes help. Here are three reasons why QR codes are perfect for incorporating into your corporate giveaways:

1. QR codes help your giveaway to stand out. Corporate giveaways often include your business name, address, phone number, Web site URL and other contact information. Adding a QR code to your giveaways not only minimizes the nformation you put on there, but also helps your giveaway become more memorable. What’s more, a QR code could help your recipient store your data accurately and conveniently, all they have to do is to scan the code and they can save it on their mobile’s phone book.

2. QR codes spur curiosity. A well-placed QR code with easy-to-follow instructions could easily attract your customers to scan it, giving you the chance to offer them more information, or get them to follow you on Twitter and add you as a friend  on Facebook.

3. QR codes are perfect for small giveaways. Are you thinking of giving out stress balls to your suppliers? Or perhaps a mini organizer? QR codes can fit on any small surface, making it possible for your recipients to carry them around in their bags while still giving you the chance to advertise to them.

As we have always said, QR codes need planning and careful implementation. The content you are providing are as important as the QR code itself. Because they are very flexible, and because they are perfect for out of homes/office situations, they make great additions to marketing collateral such as flyers, posters, brochures, and yes even corporate giveaways.

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