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Making A Lot Of Noise In Hong Kong


When we heard that Leo Burnett, a renowned world-wide advertising and marketing company, won a Gold Medal at the Cannes Advertising Festival for one of their QR Code-related marketing campaign for indie music in Hong Kong, there was literally some popping of champagne bottles over here. Delirious is not a strong enough word, really.

The Campaign. You see, unlike the situation in this part of the world, promoting indie music is really hard in Hong Kong and many other parts of the Asian region because of consumers tendency to idolize pop stars instead of appreciating real music. As mentioned in the following video, indie music producers struggle to make the money and livelihood that they deserve despite possessing incredible talents in music-making.

The campaign is simple (in a way) but very creative. It creates a buzz amongst Hong Kong tech-savvy, music-loving people. The advertising company came up with various QR Codes promoting different Hong Kong indie bands and embedded them into the shape of an animal. When scanned, the QR Code will resolve to a mobile website telling people more about the band, their music and if the consumers wanted to purchase and download the music right there and then, they can do it all from their mobile phone.

It sounds like iTunes with a twist, doesn’t it?

The animal shapes are placed in many different parts of Hong Kong streets. Once the word got around that there were QR Codes to be found, people went on a ‘scavenger hunt’ for them. What is amazing about the marketing campaign was that they integrated online social networking techniques into it too, garnering maximum ‘noise’ from the buzzed-up citizens of Hong Kong. The links and QR Codes were shared amongst each other freely on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

For a detailed look at how this award-winning QR Code campaign worked, check out the video.


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