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Make Yourself Famous With QR Codes


Because of the novelty of the whole idea of having a QR Code printed on your business card, marketing materials, website, blog or any other physical material, we suggest that you, if you wish to promote yourself online, get in on the bandwagon while it is still new.

Why? Here are a few reasons why.

1. You’re going to be labeled as the cool one – Yup, since you are in on the game before anyone else is, you are going to look absolutely cool – the tech-savvy person! Well, you know what happens to cool people (or people that others think of as cool)? The possibility of them getting famous and popular online is vastly increased. So, quick, head over here to BeQRious’ cool, free online QR Code generator and get yourself a QR Code now.

2. Spreads easily – Instead of telling and reciting an entire URL out to a new friend you’ve met at a friend’s birthday bash, send him or show him your QR Code and get that person to scan it with their QR Code scanner on a smart phone. This increases the speed of which word is spread about someone…and that is precisely what you want.

3. Add more Facebook friends easily – Have you taken a look at your Facebook profile URL recently and noticed that it is so long that it is impossible for you to recite the URL out to someone? Well, the solution lies in the easy accessibility of QR Codes. The more friends you have on Facebook, the more famous you will get. Twitter too, don’t forget that, although Twitter URLs are generally shorter and easier to remember because all you need to do is to add the / and a username at the end of it. But why go through all that trouble?

4. Easily bookmarked and saved into a smart phone or an android – Just like the bookmarks that you have saved under your favorites folder on YouTube, QR Codes can be saved into some phones. If someone’s forgotten the page that you showed them, they can use the phone to recall the URL.

5. Exchange phone numbers and contact information in a heartbeat – The great thing about QR Codes is that it can contain not only URLS but also text information and also contact information. It acts the same way as you sending someone else your own virtual card, show them a QR Code and then saving the information is just a click away.

Please feel free to share with us YOUR ideas about how to get famous by using a QR Code if you have any. We’d love to hear your suggestions too.

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