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Your website is designed to give your customers and prospects the chance to get to know your business, products and services better. It will help them decide if they should part with their money and buy your products and services.

If you do not get them to stay, however, the whole point of having a website becomes moot. But some of the things that turn off your customers and prospects are not product related at all. It could be that they were confused with your website, or were turned off by how unprofessional or hard to use it was.

Fortunately, design flaws are easy to avoid or correct. Here are some of the things you can do to design a website that attracts and retains your customers!

1. Take time to create an intuitive and easy to understand. Create a single area for your navigation. Use the top part below your logo or the left side of the page.

Do not scatter around your navigation links all over your page, it will only confuse your visitors.

Use a site map to make it easier for people to find certain pages they might be interested in.

2. Find the right ad placement. Remember that with Google’s Panda update, you can now be penalized for placing too many ads in one page of your website.

Make sure that your ads are not obtrusive nor should it push your content down the page. Your content should be what your visitors see first.

3. Allow your visitors to see your content before requiring them to register. If you have content that you are reserving for paying members or for registered users, allow any site visitor to see a preview of what you have to offer before requiring them to register.

You could put up teasers, or get the first two paragraphs of an article first before telling them to register for an account.

Further, do not use pop-up windows when asking for their site credentials (user name and password), instead use a link instead with a clear call to action and benefits (To read the full article and other similarly insightful articles such as this one, click here).

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