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It’s 2012 and it has become ever clearer to marketers here that mobile is the way to go. We are not sure why some skeptics are giving QR Code technology the thumbs down. It is not just a passing fad and has proven to be something quite useful for businesses. Why? Here are a few reasons.

Flexibly directing your customers to the right page
Not a novel idea but remains true….QR Code can help you direct your customers to pages like a new mobile page, a promo page, a new YouTube video, coupon download page, membership sign up page, etc. The possibilities are quite endless. The downside to this would be the fact that spammers and marketers with ill intentions have ruined the image people have about QR Codes. Their attitude has always tarnished the potential of good marketing tools and sadly, QR Code technology is no exception.

The only way you can assure your customers that you are NOT pointing them to a malicious site is through your actions.

Fancy customized QR Codes
Some lament about how boring QR Codes are, and the only way you can solve this problem would be to customize and brand it. Include your company logo or a cute picture onto the QR Code without affecting the code itself. By giving it a splash of color or including your logo into the QR Code helps shows mobile users two things. One, it can be differentiated from your competitors; two, it simply shows that your company have paid some money, put some thoughts into and paid special attention to the QR Code, hence, it SHOULD be a legitimate one and you are genuine. Spammers and scammers, under normal circumstances, can’t be bothered with customization of a QR Code because they want everything cheap and easy.

QR Code helps you get closer to your customers
The pressure did not use to be so intense in the business world. If a company representative did not respond to a customer’s plight, it would not be the end of the world. Right now, in the age of the internet, having someone say bad things about a company or brand is quite huge; all thanks to online social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the likes of LinkedIn too.

It doesn’t help that consumers have also become less patient with response rate. When they want answers, they usually want it right now. If a customer has a QR Code that they can scan that helps them get connected to you right away, it would most certainly win you some good brownie points.

For example, you can link it to a phone number (instantly dialing up a customer service number), create an SMS to a response number, a feedback form, or your Facebook or Twitter page where they can voice their concerns.

It is important to realize that a QR Code is not just a fancy fad, it is a working, effective, affordable and useful marketing tool. Make it work for you.

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