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Make Your Greeting Cards Extra Special with QR Codes


With Christmas less than a week away, you might want to spice up your greeting cards with a QR code.  Rather than just writing your wishes for you relatives and friends, why not do these instead:

Record your family singing a favorite Christmas carol, then upload it online.  Put the mp3’s URL behind a QR code and seranade your friends when they open your Christmas cards and scan your QR code.

You can also point your friends to an online photo album with pictures of yourself, family and friends.  This is great if you want to update your friends and relatives who live far away from you.  Let them see how your son has grown, or how your house looks all decked with holiday trimmings.

You can also record a video and upload it to YouTube.  Put the YouTube URL behind a QR code and include this in your greeting card.  Now you are not only relying on text greetings, but you can have a great time getting in touch with friends and family and greet them a happy time complete with audio and video, facial expressions and smiles.

Have friends who live in warmer climates and are missing snow falling on their windows on Christmas Day?  Why not send them a video of a snowy day, when you and your family are playing outside?

You could also create customized or personalized greeting.  It’s so simple.  Say you create a special video for your family, another video for your high school friends, and then another video for people at work.  This way, you do not feel cheesy when you do not need to be.

There are a lot of things that you can put behind your QR code to include in an otherwise boring Christmas card.  Not only do you save on postal charges, you also give your family and friends a warmer and more unique greeting.

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