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Make Your Blog Stand Out: Blog Design Made Easy Part III


In this series, BeQRious would like to share with you blog design ideas that could help your blog succeed with your readers coming back for more time and again. Read the first two parts here and here.

For this installment, let’s focus on content.

1. Relevant, well-written content.

Your blog should have a focus as far as content goes. This will also help you get a stronger brand. If you are an SEO services provider, then make sure that you talk about topics related to SEO: search algorithms, SEO best practices, Google updates and similar topics.

Always put a premium on grammar and spelling. Make sure that your posts are well proofread and edited.

Most importantly, create a voice for your blog posts. A conversational and informal blog voice is a great way to engage your customers and readers.

2. Let images and photographs tell a story.

Photos and images not only make your blog eye-catching and attractive, but it also encourages people to read and click on a blog story.

Photos can help you attract attention to your posts. This is especially helpful if your posts are shared on Facebook where a preview of your page is provided along with an image. Experts say that people click on a link more if a picture is attached to it.

Photos and images can also help enhance your blog post. For example, reporting on the latest statistics that you gathered from your research, it is easy to get lost in the flurry of numbers that you come up with. With graphs and charts, you can present these numbers in a way that is easy to understand and with less confusion.

A picture can easily replace a thousand words, and a carefully selected picture in a blog post can easily tell your story.

3. Videos and audio.

There are just some things that you cannot write about without losing something in translation. A toddler in China gets run over by two vehicles and is left on the street bleeding and none of the 18 people that passed by even helped her. The horror and disgust that a video of the incident triggered can never be conveyed with words.

If you are going to embed a video or audio file with your blog posts, make sure that you give your readers the option whether to play it or not. Do not set your videos and music files to play automatically. This will distract your readers and if they are caught unaware, they will click on the exit button without even reading your blog post!

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