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Make Your Blog Stand Out: Blog Design Made Easy Part II


In this series, BeQRious would like to share with you blog design ideas that could help your blog succeed, with your readers coming back for more time and again. We have already covered the basics in a previous post, now we will touch on the additional things that you could include in your blog to make sure that your readers would have a grand time going through your blog posts.

Successful blogs allow their readers to comment and interact both with each other and the blog owner. These blogs also make sure that their content are both easily shareable and searchable.

1. Design intuitive comment sections.

Your readers’ interactions, feedback and opinions are all recorded in your comment section.

Make sure that you design your comments section so that discussions are easy to follow, even if you have hundreds of comments.

2. Make your posts shareable!

Make it easy for your readers to share your blog posts by putting up share buttons for each of your blog posts and for each of your sites.

BeQRious uses the ShareThis button that helps our users share our content via Facebook, Twitter and other social networking and bookmarking sites. It also allows them to e-mail our content to their friends. The beauty of this is that everything is behind a small button, leaving more space for the content itself.

But you could also go the other way: make it obvious that you want people to share your content by actually putting up lovely graphics along with your content.

3. Make your blog posts easily searchable.

Aside from putting up a search engine box that helps people find your blog posts, you should also take time to make sure that you use a strong navigational design that would encourage people to click and visit other parts of your site.

Put up your archives, and post tags and categories in such a way that people interested in a certain topic would find it easier to find more of the same content that took them to your blog in the first place.

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