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Make The Move Towards A Mobile-friendly Website


If you have a website, good. If you already have a blog, that is even more fab. But if the last update that you have done to your website is, let’s say, 5 years ago, it is NOW time to go and update your website. Why? You need to make it more mobile-friendly, that’s why.

In a recent study, it was found that more than forty percent of those who were interviewed have previously accessed a website or clicked on a link on their mobile phones or mobile devices and were led to a website which was not mobile-friendly. Hence, the result was that they never went back to the website or forgot about the link later, when they had full access to their laptops or personal computers at home. 

If you wish to catch potential customers or stop losing traffic because your website isn’t mobile-friendly, hire a professional website designer to make small changes to your website. For your information, hiring a web designer for a task like that is not at all expensive, so don’t be turned off the idea because of the cost of hiring a professional. 

The good news is that most mobile devices and phones are slowly trying to make their browsers and phones more internet-friendly. For end-users, this means you may not need to scroll left and right when you are reading content from a conventional HTML-based website. That is the good news, the bad news is that it leaves quite an unfavorable impression on the site visitors. 

For blogs, the problem may not be as evident because content management systems usually are quick to update their system. All you need to do is to download and update the management system and you are done. But not all content management systems are the same. Get in touch with your website designer and webmaster to find out if your blog is mobile-friendly. If it is not, then my advice to you would be to update it. 

Android IOS is catching on like wildfire all around the world with some saying that it will soon be more dominant than Apple’s operating system. I doubt Apple hardcore fans will jump ship easily but I say that even Apple fans are going to have one or more Android device in their hands. If not now, then soon. 

‘I love Apple, live Apple and have been an Apple fan since the dawn of time but yes, I have a Samsung tablet with me and it runs on Android. This does not necessarily mean that I am going to ditch Apple. It simply means that I like exploring new things and currently, Android is at the tip of everyone’s tongue so, I chose the tablet over the iPad. As far as I can see, it is different but very, very good. Loads of apps and games to toy around with,’ Jason, a hard core Apple fan, said sheepishly. 

Make the move. Make your website mobile-friendly.

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