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While most people and businesses will not hesitate to agree that QR Code technology is a big money-saver and a savvy way to market yourself or your business, it comes to mind sometimes whether these people are really making full use of the technology and using it to their advantage. As with everything else in the world, there are two sides to a coin and when QR Code is badly used, it taints not just the technology itself but also other businesses who are trying their utmost best to use it.

So, the question is, does your business know how to effectively make use of mobile barcodes? Understanding the concept is merely the first step into mobile marketing terrain. Some may think that you will need big budget or big names in order to conquer the mobile marketing world, but that cannot be further from the truth. All you really need is some effort and big ideas.

If all else fails, just remember a few things. One, you want to give consumers a REASON, a really BIG reason to scan the code. If they scan it and nothing cool happens, they are going to be turned off. Two, as mentioned, make it cool. Three, customize the QR Code to make it less generic. It could be something simple like changing the color of the code or placing your logo or company’s name beside or on the QR Code. Yes, this can be done without tampering with the code. Four, point it to a mobile-friendly site. Not every website can be properly viewed on a mobile phone.

The QR Code can also lead to a mobile app which they can download. For instance, cinemas can print QR Codes on movie tickets to encourage users to download their ticket purchasing app so that in the future, they do not need to purchase and then stand in line to collect the movie tickets later. And if it is a charity drive, make the donation process simple but leading consumers directly to the donation page and then later tell them more about the organization. You don’t want them distracted from the main point…which is to make a donation.

Wherever you are posting the QR Code, it is absolutely crucial for you to make a statement with it. Outstanding, eye-catching, profound, or even crazy – hopefully, it gives the consumers an idea about what they are about to scan. People don’t like to guess. Once they are made to guess or have doubts about the QR Code, chances are…they will walk away.

Here is to your successful QR Code marketing campaign. And in the meantime, here’s a video of the world’s new largest QR Code created by Toronto’s Youth Unlimited.

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