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Majority of Australians Still Unfamiliar with QR Codes, Econsultancy Poll Reveals


According to a recent poll by Econsultancy, 62% of Australians are still not familiar with quick response codes despite the increasing number of marketing campaigns using these codes.

The Econsultancy poll involved 1,050 respondents and was conducted using Toluna online questionnaire services. The survey found that more than 6 in every 10 Aussies either have no idea what QR codes are or they can recognize QR codes but do not know just how one is used.

As would be expected, it is the younger demographics that’s got the highest awareness of QR codes. Of respondents aged 18-34 years old, 51% are familiar with these codes, while awareness level among the 35-53 year-olds was only 34%, and for those above 55, a much lower 17%.

Moreover, among the 62% of respondents who are familiar with the two-dimensional matrix barcodes, 51% have used one in the three months prior to the survey in November. And when it comes to gender, males are more aware of QR codes than females are. Specifically, 44% of all the males surveyed know what QR codes are and how these are used, while only 35% of the females do.

The point of the poll was to try examine the QR code’s role in the current mobile commerce environment and what this role will be in the future. The survey found that despite the fact that marketers are generally enthusiastic about using QR codes in their mobile marketing efforts, most consumers still do not know what these really are.

The survey also shows that although QR codes have a potential for marketers, its success is still not clear. And while there have already been successful and effective QR code campaigns, there have also been instances where QR codes had been misused, which might have hindered the overall success of these codes.

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Meanwhile, another technology-related news from down under says that a recent Experian study found that more than half — or 53% — of Australian retailers do not have an online sales channel. This despite two-thirds of the respondents noting that international online retailers had affected their business. The study is titled “Retail in Australia: It’s Time to Embrace the Digital Future.”

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