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Magners Markets New Cider Line With QR Code


Some of you may not have heard about Magners because it is either unavailable in your country or you don’t drink. If there is one thing that I am sure about, it is the fact that the Irish love their drinks. The company, Magners, have come a long way and they DO know a thing or two about coming up with original brews for their drinks. Recently, it was announced that they have come up with some really original and creative mix for their drinks and they have decided to market it with a QR Code marketing campaign. 

They call the line of new brews the Magners Specials, a premium line of ciders. 

The ad will only come up in the local magazines, sites and papers but it was found that the ad was quite an unusual and creative one, featuring the various ingredients used to come up with the flavors. The good news is that they have handed over the task of coming up with the mobile campaign to a reliable advertising agency who KNEW that they needed to come up mobile-friendly web page and content. 

The company’s really excited about the QR Code campaign and hopes that this will lead to more LIVE support and interactive exchange between the company and its supporters. The representative hoped that this move will put the brand name at the forefront of its industry. 

Although some would quickly wonder whether it makes sense to launch a QR Code campaign for the new line of ciders, suffice to say, I would not. It was heard that Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, had a meeting with the staff of Twitter and accordingly, it was revealed that there are more than 100 million new users in one single month and more than half of them are active, regular tweeters. 

That’s not the fantastic part. There is a jaw-dropping number of people tweeting things out…we are talking about as many as 1 BILLION tweets per day with more than half of them tweeting from their phones (as opposed to tweeting from their computers or laptops). The number is growing too, so, seeing how more people are already accessing the internet from their phones and not on their computer, mobile technology is going to experience an explosion. 

Costolo also said that there was 400 million unique visitors to the site every month and this stat was pulled out from Google Analytics. We are not even talking about those who have a Twitter account, don’t participate but read their feeds yet. 

I’m just waiting for someone to come up with an especially unique way to market their products, services or brand using BOTH Twitter and QR Codes. That would be, as I can imagine it to be, awesome!


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