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Luxury Brands Hop On Mobile Technology


When it comes to catching onto new technology, the smaller the company, the less known the brand, the faster they catch on. Luxury brand names are a little snobbish that way because they know that they have status, they have loyalty, they have consistent business and they do not need to spend (or not spend in, some cases) on ‘new hype’. They will continue to enjoy brisk business regardless of what is going on out there as they are surrounded by sleek, chic panel walls from the ceiling right down to the marbled floors. The marketing people would actually bulk at the thought of coming up with a coupon or a loyalty program.


But as disenchanted as they may be with the changing times, more of them are actually acknowledging the fact that their consumers are no longer stationary. It is no longer possible to lure consumers by simply staying there, being elite and all that. Today’s consumers are moving targets and they are on the go, they are flexible, they make decisions on the move, and….basically, it has simply scaled down on the loyalty front because being on-the-move means that their consumers are also more open to other ideas. They are exposed to many more things that are trendy and fun. This changes loads of things for luxury brand names.

Therefore, we do see some changes to brands like Neiman-Marcus, Burberry and even the never-to-be-beaten Stella MsCartney. The roll out of their mobile marketing game plans is far less stellar and widespread but they are, for sure, adopting it slowly and carefully. Last I heard, Stellar McCartney have an augmented reality virtual shopping app going on and if you are a fan of theirs and have shopped virtually with them, please do share your experience with us.

Neiman-Marcus is a little more personal about their approach. According to reports, they have released an app that lets shoppers vote for their favorite clerks and the app also allows their fans to make appointments directly with sales people who can help them pick the clothing of their choice at the time of their appointment. Tech watchers are handing out big praise points for Neiman-Marcus’ strategy because; 1) the people’s been waiting for something like this, 2) it is adopting mobile marketing strategy without moving away from their original one.

This proves that it is completely impossible for luxury brands to continue living in their the controlled environment, not when sixty percent of their consumers own a smartphone and sixty seven percent of them use the phone to shop and a shocking eighty percent of them have downloaded at least one app.

It is simply a case of hop on or be left behind. I guess they have no other choice but to hop on.

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