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Loving Mother Earth With QR Codes


According to research, more and more companies are becoming environmentally-friendly and also technologically-driven. With the advancement that humankind is making in both industries, it seems only logical that there is a combination of the two. Japan Eco-Life is such a company…encouraging more communities, associations and corporations to be more environmentally-friendly. In fact, they encourage you to boast about it in your business card or marketing collateral too.

The company is offering small stickers to these corporations so that they can use it to stick to their business cards, flyers or brochures that they hand out to their clients or potential customers. It encourages and helps promote awareness about the company’s effort in helping Mother Earth.

It encourages more Japanese companies to get involved in what they called Clean Development Mechanism or CDM. With participation, the company will get a series of small stickers with QR Codes on them. Recipients of the card with QR Codes can scan the code and be led to a page where others get to access the achievements and contribution of the company. The web page will also describe how far along the project is and what is the carbon offset achievements are for the said company.

CDM is a project that has been approved and recognized by the United Nations and currently, large developed countries like United Kingdom, United States, Canada and many others have pledged their dedication to carbon emission reduction.

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