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Louis Vuitton and QR Code


Mention the name LV, short for Louis Vuitton, and you’ll conjure up images of beautiful leather handbags, wallets and other women accessories that defy conventional price tags. The reason behind the success of this globally famous brand is, partly, due to its aggressive marketing method, exclusivity, quality of its products and….well, the people who carries the brand around on the crook of their arms.

Is, perhaps, LV trying to penetrate or persuade less financially well-off people with a new method of marketing? If you’ve not heard, Louis Vuitton ran a very cute (uber ADORABLE) QR Code marketing campaign recently and I can’t say that I have fallen for that little mascot thing they placed right in the middle of the QR Code. And purple is my favorite color, by the way. 

Didn’t I say it was cute?

One of the things QR Code enthusiasts were conversing about in forums and message boards about this new QR Code marketing ploy is this…..not ALL QR Code readers on mobile phones can read this Code. Which, of course, defeats its purpose. If you go to http://www.setjapan.com, you’ll see tons of ways people in Japan use QR Codes on designs and they’re all way cooler than we North Americans can imagine. We are only about…oh, I don’t know….a decade behind them. Not too much time behind.

But the point is this. LV’s new marketing campaign is cute, it’s simple, it’s adorable but how many people who love these cute stuff can afford LV stuff. One leather handbag with the brand name can set you back by a common wage-earner’s four months’ salary so….I don’t know if it’s going to work.

Ah well….whether it works or not, it’s none of our concern. Our main concern is that LV is a big brand. And the new marketing thing they’re doing? It’s adorable and news-worthy. You might want to give it a go coming up with your very own QR Code with our picture-enabled QR Code creator right here, for a start! :-)

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3 Responses to Louis Vuitton and QR Code

  1. dean collins April 25, 2009, 8:01 am

    i really wish people would stop posting this QR code…. it doesn’t work.

    There are so many other good examples of qr codes out there that no one should really care about this Louis Vuitton’s variation.



  2. tomeekgd April 26, 2009, 3:18 am

    Hey Dean, yes there is also big discussion on http://2d-code.co.uk/louis-vuitton-qr-code/ weather the code works or not. Personally i tried to decode it with my iPhone using Optiscan (which i think is the best QR Code reader for iPhone so far) and it worked. As it comes to the code itself we’ve found it very interesting to publish. This doesn’t mean however LV code is the best. There are tons of other good qr code examples and i hope we will publish some of them soon!

    Regards Tom

  3. iris December 27, 2011, 8:42 pm

    Louis Vuitton is a luxury. QR code is high-tech. they bond together, that’s interesting.

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