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Lots Of Benefits For Retail Outlet Owners


How can retailers benefit from the growing use of QR Codes? If you have a retail store, it is likely that you already have a website, blog or an e-newsletter. And you would be trying to find ways to engage your customers with technology. Maybe you have a twitter account for your company and is trying to get people to follow you or add you on Facebook.

The beauty of this technology is that it is absolutely free to create a QR Code. For example, all you need is a URL, head over here for free QR Code creation, download the image and then print it out. There you have it, a ready-to-use QR Code. Print it out and display it at the counter or stick it up on the window to get people to sign up for coupons or sign up for your newsletter.

Or you could have a feedback form on your website which you want people to send you recommendations, suggestions or their feedback. Some people are rather shy about commenting or offering feedback at the country and this gives them a chance to provide you with feedback in a more private matter. They scan the code with the phone which will resolve to your website’s feedback form.

If you are running a promotion or contest, create a QR Code that leads to a contest page. Trying to promote your website? Take the URL to our QR Code generating page and create one for yourself and then print it out on your business cards or flyers that you hand out to your customers. Nobody can resist a chance at winning something.

QR Codes, because it is still at the stage whereby there are more people who are unaware of it than people who are actively and regularly using it, is the ‘in’ thing right now. If you start using it now, people may perceive your company to be a very technologically-driven one. A company with positive foresight. And that kind of image is always good for a company, regardless of the products or services that you are offering.

The speed of which people are recognizing and using QR Code is nothing short of amazing. So, give it a shot. Copy the URL that you want people to access on their cell phones, create your QR Code for free, print it out and place it on your retail outlet counter. Every time someone comes up to the counter to pay, tell them about the code.

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