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‘Lost’ Producers Have Fun With Fans With QR Code Promotion


Fans of award-winning shows Lost and True Blood will get the chance to attend an exclusive screening for the show’s finale for the current season. But that is not news to us over here in geek world. What we are more interested in is in the way they are promoting the exclusive screening and interacting with their show’s fans. But sadly, it is only available to fans based in three locations, New York City, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

In a way of saying ‘thank you’ to their fans for their loyalty, the show’s producers has decided that on June 13th, a special free preview of the True Blood’s ending for season 2 will be held at a wide number of theaters across these cities. Considering the number of true blue fans the show has, we think we are better off staying away from the theaters at that time…do the same too if you are not really into screaming (and maybe even impatient) crowds.

The show will also be making use of a QR Code to give the event a very technical boost.

In one of their television ads, viewers were given the chance to ‘crack’ a QR Code which was a part of a ‘True Blood’ commercial. It was shown on the 23rd of May and we are not sure if you still get to catch it thereafter because there was no mention of re-airing of the commercial.

One of the things that we have noted about this QR Code marketing tactic is…one, we wish that they were more direct with their promotion. Combining the promotion for ‘Lost’ with ‘True Blood’ commercial is simply confusing. One QR Code marketing campaign should be kept exclusive unless the shows were somehow linked.

In this case, both shows are not linked…except for being under HBO.

Anyway, we love how it’s interactive and encourages people to learn about QR Code and ‘crack the code’. Even in the press releases, knowing that many phones don’t come with QR Code readers, they DID give specific instructions on how to find, download QR Code readers and scan the QR Code. At this point in time, that remains to be crucial to the success of any American QR Code marketing campaign.

So, for those of residing in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia and are fans of the show, good luck!

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