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Lookout Mobile Says that QR Codes Makes Google Glasses a Security Fail


Google Glass is the latest from the search giant. It is a wearable device that allows you to do everything you can do with a smartphone without having to use your hands.

One of the features of Google Glass is that you can ask it to take a picture of anything and even scan a QR code. The device will also seek out any QR code that is included in any photo you take and decode it for you. If you were taking pictures of anything and that scene happened to include a QR code, it will be able to decrypt it.

Lookout Mobile created several malicious QR codes that when scanned by Google Glass, crashes the device. Another set of QR codes connected Glass to a rogue Wi-Fi setup that allowed a hacker to take away the encryption and security of the device or directs it to a malware infested Web site that will hijack the device and give hackers full control.

In addition, all of these happen without the user knowing it!

So let us say you have a pair of Google Glass, an attacker could simply stay in the background wearing a rogue QR code and your Google Glass would be compromised. They could also print out rogue codes and put it atop legitimate ones. When you scan a QR code that you thought came from a trusted source, you will have security problems with that too.

Already Corrected by Google

However, if you happen to own a pair of Google Glass, do not worry. Lookout confirms that they have already reported the flaw to Google.

The company has corrected it by making sure that QR codes are only interpreted when the user is choosing a Wi-Fi network and really scanning a QR code. This means that QR code will no longer be scanned automatically by default.

Still nothing beats being careful, right?

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