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Long Island Pulse Magazine Embraces QR Codes


If you reguarly read lifestyle magazines and are living in New York City, then you might have heard of or at least read at least one copy of the Long Island Pulse Magazine. It is one of the country’s biggest runner in the lifestyle magazine genre and recently, it drew a lot of talk in the online, IT and Telco industries because they recently announced their 2D barcode marketing campaign.

For those who do not know what QR Codes are, here’s a little tip. They are also known as 2D barcodes in some parts of the world, however, the technology is the same. QR stands for Quick Response. If you own a smartPhone and see this surreptitious code lying around, whip out your cell phone, launch a QR Code reader program, scan the barcode and the code will be decoded. The QR Code is very much like the barcodes that we are using in malls and retail outlets but the QR Code can contain much more information, like links to online content, coupons, download sites for media files, text messages, SMS messages, text and quite basically everything. In the online world. The QR Code is said to be the bridge between your online world and your offline one – mainly because since everyone’s got their cell phones with them all the time and a mere scan of it will bring instant online content.

With Long Island Pulse Magazine, they are basically using the codes to present to their readers in-depth information, promotions, downloads of media files, reviews, blog content, and tips from the editor too. With print advertising, the restriction of interaction is now removed with QR Code technology. Imagine if you see a healthy recipe in the magazine and would like to view a video of how it was done, you could scan the code and you’re well on your way. Or let’s say you are reading an article about meditation and would like to purchase some guided meditation music or CD, scan the QR Code and it will lead you directly to a page where you can make instant purchase.

We would like to applaud the magazine for making this bold move because it is the first US magazine to dip their toes into this technology while others are still in the learning or testing stage. Believing that their readers consists mostly of people who are young, active, mindful, smart consumers, they tend to be more educated about the technology. Advertisers in the magazine will also have the advantage of engaging the consumers via their advertisements too.

For a start, Long Island Pulse Magazine is offering loads of free stuff from their website whenever their readers snap a picture of the QR Codes in the magazine.

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