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London Cuisine Scene Takes A Change


What would you say if you were dining out with your family and friends and you get to instantly chat with management of the restaurant when they are not there? How about joining their loyalty program at the end of a scrumptious meal without leaving your table? Does the notion of being able to access thousands of reviews of dishes before ordering sound delectably useful to you?

That is how the London cuisine scene is picking up. A group of 9 restaurants, bars and hotels in downtown London are beginning to place QR Codes on table tops, rooms and other easily-accessible places to further enhance communication and customer service with their fans and customers. In fact, if there was a promotion or contest that the establishments were trying to tell their consumers about, it is right there in the QR Code too. This, said a representatives, helps improve CRM without affecting profit margins and increasing marketing dollars.

One of the restaurants expressed delight in testing the system out because they are thinking of increasing their followings and fanbase on online social networking sites too, on top of improving customer service. Establishments like this are often on a keen lookout for ways to also rebrand themselves and solidifying loyalty.

What is truly important when mobilizing something like this is to have people who are ready to not just listen out for what is being said, but also people to respond to the communication. It was earlier reported that more than twenty percent of people used their smartphones to communicate with establishments, brands and companies that they patron and use and out of the twenty three percent said that they usually use their smartphones when they are eating out.

I strongly believe that such initiatives will take off…and that is because QR Code technology offer real-time response and instant resolution to problems and errors. QR Code also levels the playing field between the big time players and smaller businesses because of its affordability and ease of use. For the advertisers, it lets them see real-time engagement with people and how the responses are being carried out.

If you are not already using QR Codes, please do give it a trial with our free QR Code generator. For those who are keen to look at a more in-depth level of using QR Codes, give our customer service folks a buzz to see how you can generate, track and trace your marketing campaigns in real time.

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