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Little Town With Big Improvements


With only a population of five thousand and eight hundred, Manor Texas is sure big on QR Codes. The little town in gigantic Texas are beginning to roll out QR Code programs by putting QR Codes that brings information like public records, information about historical sites, municipal buildings and police cars. Yes, that’s right…police cars.

QR Codes may not be big (yet) in many parts of the country but we know expansion is only a matter of when. QR Codes is a type of bar code that can be read with installed software on a mobile phone. Smartphone users can scan the code with the phone’s camera and then immediately led to web pages where more information can be found. It’s touted as the crucial bridge that brings the online world to the real world….everywhere they go.

A University in Texas started a test way back in February whereby students can scan the 2d barcode and find their way to the next party. Interesting that it escaped our radar.

The current expansion is part of what Dustin Haisler said he would do when he was appointed CIO – he wanted to modernize Manor. And modernization is not something that you can do overnight nor can it be done without huge amounts of money. Yes, but it can be done with a little bit of ingenuity. In this case, he’s right on track.

Considering the fact that it takes very little to print the QR codes onto cardboard boxes and stickers, it’s the perfect solution.

QR Codes will be printed and placed on 24 areas around town which includes historical sites namely a new water tower they just built. The curious-looking barcode is inviting looks from people who walk past and once they learn how it works, the city is sure to be a more interesting place to live in and to explore for tourists and locals alike.

What’s interesting are the QR Codes on police cars. Apparently, the QR Codes, when scanned, will tell people real-time information about why a police car is parked there or what the officers are currently working on. It would be an incredible sight and would be very useful for residents.

Manor would soon have a free wireless internet access for residents to use on their phones and the people will be educated on how to make use of the QR Code.

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