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A representative was saying that their QR Codes are easy to access because consumers who wanted in-depth information, demos, instructional videos on demand wherever they go, then they should simply scan and bookmark the QR Code into their smartphones. This way, if the ‘ladder’ topic popped up in the middle of a conversation, no problem…here’s the video.

The President of Little Giant Ladder also agreed that the internet and QR Codes are completely changing the marketing landscape. It changed the way people got their hands on information and it is important that consumers get the info that they want and need as and when the need arises. Now, with the QR Code and a smart phone, the info is on demand.

It was also reported that QR Codes will also be printed on the packaging AND the labels on the ladders. In fact, if you walked past an aisle with Little Giant Ladder on it, chances are, you will find a QR Code there that you can scan. The QR Code will take you videos such as the one found on YouTube below.

This innovative and forward-moving ladder company is going beyond what other ladder companies are doing and it is groundbreaking. No other ladder companies in the world (we think, at this point in time) has done this.

The usage of QR Codes is seen as the company’s maiden effort to engage with their customers on a more personal basis.

For those who are interested, here’s one of their instructional videos. Let’s hope more companies start using QR Codes in their marketing campaigns.

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