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LinkedIn – The Forgotten Network?


Do people even do LinkedIn anymore? To some of us who are already using Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn feels like the MySpace of Facebook, if you get what I mean. It is so yesterday and with the ability to create groups, messages, and also create corporate pages on Facebook, is there really a need for LinkedIn already? We should also take into consideration that it is also much, much harder to find and add people to LinkedIn accounts. You would first have to either know the person personally, or you have to separately send the person a message to get his or her email before you can add them.

Overall, working professionals try to limit their time spent on Facebook and Twitter while businesses are always keen to have their own Facebook page or Twitter account without knowing much about how to use them. There are just too many different platforms to use with the same purpose. And of course, we have all these different apps that lets us multi-post links, information, and release statements and make connection without needing to log in separately. As an example, you can log into your Facebook and Twitter accounts on your mobile devices through Ubersocial, Tweetcaster and Tweetdeck. By loading the app, multiple streams will flood your RSS feed.

It is of no surprise at all that the abovementioned apps do not let you load your LinkedIn feed. This could be a major contributor as to the reason why people are opting out of LinkedIn. Why bother when others are already jumping ship? There needs to be a very good reason for people to even remember to log in if they had to do it separately.

LinkedIn can, I conclude, be shoved aside the same way Google Plus can. At the very least, Google Plus is backed by a strong brand, name and security team. The last we heard, people behind LinkedIn’s security were so lax that some Russian hackers managed to get away with some usernames and passwords, hijacking the accounts.

A couple of years ago, LinkedIn used to be a credible tool for business owners to make connections and find business partners and maybe even locate service providers and suppliers. The worse thing about LinkedIn is not just the fact that there is very little security, they also send regular emails to its users to remind its users of an outstanding invitations or requests. There is no opt-out option for that, as far as I can see. Please correct me if I am wrong.

If there are two important things LinkedIn needs to do, it would be to tighten security and then give us a reason to log in.

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